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Help make these groups better and more useful for everyone.
Follow these easy steps. Thanks!

1. Use a high quality encoder.
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La FAQ en françaisDutch mini- FAQ

Need the FAQ in other languages? Use AltaVista's Babelfish translator

FAQ in other dialects (humor)

Download the absmFAQ.txt
(right-click or shift-click to d/l)

2. Make good use of a 0-file and include all pertinent info.
3. Use meaningful subject headers that are not too long.  Avoid using more than 80 characters!
4. Check your MP3s before posting them.
5. Test post in test groups.
6. Post from 472500 to 315000 bytes per segment (7500 to 5000 lines uuencoded/segment) for best propagation.
7. Crosspost into the appropriate decade group (if you know it).
8. Don't post binaries in the discussion or request groups and vice versa.
9. Enjoy the music!

The vision impaired should download the absmFAQ.txt file for offline viewing.
Want to browse the FAQ in HTML format off-line? 

Browse the revision history.