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MP3 Requests

[2.0] I want to request an MP3. How do I do that with the best chance of being successful?

The most obvious answer is to request it in the alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.requests group and then hope that some kind soul will upload it for you. This is most likely to be successful if it is a mainstream song.

A typical request might look like this:

REQ: Song Title [decade and/or year] - Artist - Other Info - Thanks

Start with REQ. What else you put in your subject and in what order is really up to you. Keep it concise. Put details in the body of your post.

If no one responds, and especially if the song is obscure, old, or in a narrow genre, you may need to do some lurking in the appropriate decade or genre group. If you see that people are making requests there and getting responses for material similar to what you are looking for, you may want to make your request there.

Some people ignore text posts in binary groups, but if you cannot get a response in absm.requests, this is your next likely approach.

A caution. Post your REQ in either .requests OR the binary groups. Please do not crosspost your request. If someone responds to a crossposted REQ and attaches the MP3 you want, the poster will trash the .requests text group with a binary. If you try the .requests group first, wait a while, and if no one posts in response, THEN try the binary group. Then no harm, no foul.Please DO NOT add your requests to the subject headers of binary posts. There is no requirement to trade files here, and including requests in the subject lines of posts is likely to DECREASE the chances your requests will be filled. Subject headers are most effective when kept short and concise; adding requests only confuses others as to what is being posted vs. what is being requested. It's best to post your request separately.

[2.1] I've come up with about 100 songs that I want. I guess I should post a separate request for each one, right?Whoa, wait one second. It is unlikely anyone wants to see a REQ-Flood filling up the group. Put yourself in the potential poster's shoes.

An option is to put your request list in the body of a request message. Those who dedicate themselves to filling requests may look inside and help you out.

[2.2] I want to make sure that people see my requests so I'm going to post them five times each. People will notice me then, right?People will notice you, but that isn't always a good thing. Posting the same message multiple times could be called spamming or billboarding, and it annoys many.

Remember, you are dealing with other people here. Possibly the biggest single reason people find their requests ignored is because others see them as being demanding, obnoxious or rude. Being polite and reasonable will get you far. Being rude, obnoxious, loud, demanding or overly persistent will more likely get you ignored.


[2.3] I posted my requests and nobody filled them. Why? And what can I do about it?It's possible that nobody has the songs you're requesting. It's also possible that the songs you requested was JUST posted, and people don't want to repost it right away.

What can you do about it? Check to see if it is already out there waiting to be downloaded. How? Visit these sites:
Or use the search feature in NewsRover or GrabIt .

And if you still can't find it? Wait a few days and post your requests again. Maybe the right person will see it that time.

[2.4] I want help identifying a song so I can post a REQ. Can I post a snippet to the discussion group or .requests?Please don't. Post a sample to alt.binaries.test or alt.binaries.misc. Then come to the discussion group and ask people to go listen to it and help you identify it.  Make sure you identify your sample post by subject title or Message ID so folks can find it.  When you get the name of the song, ask for it in the .requests group as usual.  Or according to the method you find most successful.