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MP3’s and WWW

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Posting what you find Agent-MP3 Napster


[7.0] Where are the best places on the web to find MP3s?This FAQ really only covers the alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.* Usenet hierarchy and not the entire Internet.  However, there are a number of Web based search engines that can help you in your search for MP3s, and you may even want to check them *before* you request a song.  Many times when a new album or single comes out there is a flood of requests, posts and reposts of the same song over and over.  Almost *always* these songs are also available on ftp sites.

Be warned that searching for MP3s this way can also be very frustrating. You can spend a lot of time and never end up with anything useful.

Some MP3 search engines are available at: and  In addition, has a list of the top 20 MP3 search engines.

You can also use some of the standard search engines such as  or to search for the MP3 you're looking for, or even to search for other MP3 Search Pages.

There is also software like "MP3 Fiend" and "Abe's MP3 Finder" that are available at,, and, which will search the Internet for the MP3s you are looking for.

Did we warn you that these searches can be frustrating? See also our section on FTP sites: FTP.


[7.1] I downloaded some MP3s from the web and they're all screwy. What's up?You may need a program like Uncook, Phix or Detox to repair your files.  They are available at: (select the utilities for your OS).


[7.2] I downloaded some cool songs from this web site that I found; should I upload them?Has somebody requested those songs?  If so, you should post an announcement in a.b.s.mp3.requests informing the requestor of the location of the songs so they can download them where you did. No need to upload and download then.

Sometimes the MP3 files that you find on the World Wide Web are not up to the quality of those that are ripped and encoded by members of the a.b.s.mp3 newsgroups.  If they are readily and freely available on the Web, there isn't usually a reason to post them to Usenet.


[7.3] I used to use this cool thing called Agent-MP3.  I cant find the place where I got it.  Where is it?Agent-MP3 is apparently gone. Agent-MP3 was merely another way to look at your own newsgroups on your own ISP's server.  It could not do more for you than you could do with any decent news reader. The link to the site is dead:


[7.4] What about Napster?Napster was a very popular new way to acquire MP3s.  The demise of Napster has brought a lot of new blood to the MP3 hierarchy (with a lot of habits that do not necessarily work well on Usenet).

Napster has often had MP3s of distinctly inferior quality.  Please listen to all MP3s before uploading to this hierarchy.  

There is a very disturbing phenomenon since Napster and similar file-sharing services have become very popular.  As MP3s are being traded at an astounding rate, some files of very poor quality are being shared by more and more people. Many bad MP3s with pops, clicks, blips, jingles, gaps, blasts of noise, etc. are being posted to absm.*. No matter where you get your MP3s, please listen to all files with a critical ear before reposting to absm.*. If a file is audibly flawed with objectionable artifacts, please do not post it. A high bitrate does not automatically equate to high quality.

If a track is rare, and a requester wants it anyway, be sure to be very clear in your subject title, 0/x, and/or .nfo file that the file is imperfect or encoded at a lower than usual bitrate so that subscribers can choose whether or not they wish to download the file. Just stating NMR (Not My Rip) is not sufficient warning. If you feel you must upload, please do not upload without warning potential downloaders.

Lurk, leech, listen, and learn.  Figure out what this place is all about before going wild.  It is a different community with different standards.