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9. Links

On this page:

MP3 Resource Sites Technical Info Musical Reference Newsreaders Non-Windows Platforms
Search Engines & Utilities News services Specific Software FAQs (OE5) Other Links


[9.0] Other helpful FAQsThe FAQ for the alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica newsgroups - It contains a *wealth* of information about the use of binary newsgroups in general. A MUST READ if you have questions about downloading, anonymity, posting and netiquette. 

Other MP3 FAQs - This is a very good page full of helpful links to other MP3 FAQs and MP3-related information.  

Decoding Internet Attachments - A detailed page covering all types of binary attachments on the internet

Guide for Usenet binary attachments - A good set of basics for those who are new to Usenet binary groups.

The Compact Disc Recordable FAQ - originally developed as a Usenet newsgroup FAQ

How to Work With the Usenet Community - New user primer

What is Usenet? - New user primer

Usenet: Reading and Writing the News - good basics

The FAQ for the comp.publish.cdrom newsgroups - current CD Recordable Usenet newsgroup FAQ

A Rant About Usenet - What Usenet is really about. 


[9.1] General Info and - Lots of MP3 related software, information and free .mp3 files from unknown bands.

Daily MP3 - Lots of MP3 related software and also news about MP3s


[9.2] Technical InfoCD-ROM digital audio extraction information - information, software, and survey

How MP3 Works: Inside the Codec - excellent chapter from a book by Scot Hacker

Technical MP3 info from the Fraunhofer Institute - Very good and clearly written

The Moving Picture Experts Group home page - MPEG standards 1 through 7

MP3 File Structure - From SoloH help file.


[9.3] Musical ReferenceThe All Music Guide - Great search tool for songs/albums/artist names and info

The CD Database - A searchable database of album information that can be used by some software to automatically name your files. See also

The Ultimate Band List - A searchable database of bands and artists and their Official web sites - A database of song lyrics

Joe's Lyrics Excellent links to other lyric pages

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics - Fun stuff 🙂


[9.4] Newsreader Software InfoAgent and Free Agent newsreaders - Forte, Inc.

Installing and using Free Agent - good guide

Power-Post 2000 -  another excellent posting utility that allows you to repost individual segments.


[9.5] MP3 Software for non-Windows MachinesThe PowerMac Sub-FAQ - the definitive word on the Mac

Pure Mac MP3 Utilities Archive - lots of links

The Mac Orchard - Macintosh Internet applications (including newsreaders)

Mac MPEG Audio News -  now includes Version 1.8 of the Encoder Quality Comparison

MP3 software for Macintosh users - Link to the Mac section of

MP3 software for Unix/Linux - Link to the Unix/Linux section of - Pan newsreader for Unix/Linux - Newspost Usenet binary autoposter for Unix/Linux - Gnewspost an open source Gnome front-end to Newspost - Knewspost - KDE front end for Newspost

DOS-based MP3 Players - DOSAmp and MPXPlay.


[9.6] MP3 Search Engines and UtilitiesLists the top 20 MP3 search engines - MP3NOW.COM

Fast MP3 Search - Lycos Search Engine

Oth Net MP3 search engine - Another popular search engine

Shareware MP3 software including Search programs -,, and

DAILYMP3.COM - Good General MP3 Info, Software and Utilities (also they have a mirror site)

FTP - A Brief Tutorial for those who desperately want to try FTP.


[9.7] Stand Alone News ServersAirnews - (

Altopia (

Easynews - (

Giganews - (

Newscene - (

Newsfeeds -

Newsguy - (

Usenet Server - (

Check the links below for much more comprehensive pages on finding a premium provider:


[9.8] Specific Software Sub-FAQsTips for using Outlook Express 5.0 in the absm.* hierarchy - Tips Section

The Power Mac Sub-FAQ - Tips Section


[9.9] Other Links from the FAQ
(See also the Utilities section)
Digital Domain: CD Mastering - Info on normalization (Section [3.7])  PCAVTech Benchmark Page - Compares some encoders (Section [3.10])MP3Trim - An MP3 file trimmer (Section [3.18] [3.25])

Sound Forge - Popular wav editing software (Section [3.24] [8.2])

DartPro - Popular wav editing software (Section [3.24])

CoolEdit - Popular wav editing software (Section [3.24] [8.2])

LP to CDR - Tips for transferring your LPs to your computer (Section [3.24])

File renamers - (Section [3.27])

MP3ext - an ID3 tagger (Section [3.28])

The History and Future of the ID3 Tag - (Section [3.28])

The ISP Buyer's Guide - Information on ISPs (Section [5.1])

Yahoo's List of News Servers - (Section [5.1]) -

AOL Binary FAQ - (Section [5.5])

NAD MP3 Player v093 NAD MP3 Player v093 - (Section [6.5]) 

MP3Cutter cuts or chops MP3s up into chunks or parts without first converting to .wav.

CD Media World - Information on 80-minute cds (Section [6.10])

Soundcard Performance Benchmarks - compares soundcards. (Section [8.4])

AudioStocker Pro - WinAMP plugin to normalize MP3 playback (Section [8.6])