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Tips, Opinions & Reviews

Tips Section
Note: Tips are just that, opinions and suggestions, and NOT part of the official FAQ


What's inside: Download the text version of the Tips Section here
Abbreviations, Acronyms & Slang Terms What's this Tips Section?  Is this part of the FAQ?

Tips are that.  Tips are not guidelines.  Tips are suggestions. Tips are opinions that you can take or leave. But Tips can be very useful, especially for beginners. Tips can also be useful for oldtimers.

There is no room in the FAQ for long, drawn-out discussions of the merits of various software or hardware items.  We try to be hardware and software agnostic in the FAQ. We can't clutter the FAQ with detailed techniques, even those practiced successfully by experienced members.  There just is no way to archive detailed opinions, ideas, and techniques in the FAQ without the risk of making the guidelines too hard to find and understand.

So the Tips Section is born. It will grow and become more organized over time, but never at the expense of the FAQ. If we can unclutter the FAQ by moving some details here, we will.  Offer suggestions for additions to the Webmaster at any time.

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