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Canceling – a Collection of Tips

What is this section all about?
Everybody makes mistakes.  A cancel message is a way to at least attempt to fix your "oops".  Not all servers accept cancels because of abuse by some users, but most still do.  By canceling an errant post that is worthless to download you are saving server space and reducing confusion in the groups.  Your efforts are appreciated.  Forging cancels is a grievous offense which can and often does get your service cancelled.  Don't do it!
How do I cancel with my newsreader?
To cancel with Agent or Free Agent, see next paragraph below.

If you're using Outlook Express, check out the Outlook Express Sub-FAQ.

Do you use Newsrover?  One of our readers got a tip from them on How to Cancel with Newsrover.

Tim Skirvin has an excellent Cancel FAQ at

You should read the whole thing when you have time, but first find out how to cancel with your newsreader by reading the help file or looking here:  (some browsers may have problem finding the bookmark within the page, so you may want to go to the top to the Table of Contents and then click on Section I entitled "G. How do I cancel my own post"?  Certainly not all newsreaders are listed in the Cancel FAQ, but many are.  The list is useful if you are in a hurry.  Note that if the cancel function does not work, it may be that your newsreader requires that you download the post before you can cancel.

A few newsreaders do not have a cancel function.  News Rover is such a reader.  At the time of this writing, the only way to cancel an errant News Rover post is to download Free Agent or Agent, set it up exactly like you have News Rover set up, and then issue your cancel from Agent.  If you have News Rover, we recommend you set this up and test it ahead of time in alt.binaries.test.

How do I cancel with Agent or Free Agent?
If you are using Forte's Agent newsreader, you must be very observant when issuing a cancel for a multipart binary post.  You do not have to download the post, you just have to select it.  This first technique works only if the post is complete on your server.   First, get all the new headers in the group where you want to cancel your binary.  See if the post is complete.  If it is, select the post and go to Post | Cancel Usenet Message on the menu bar.  A window will open up just like any other for composing a message.  You do not have to enter any text.  Watch the message bar at the bottom of the Agent window.  When you press the "Send" button you should see Agent send as many cancels as there are parts to the message (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, etc.)  You will have to issue a separate cancel for the 0/x message.  If you only see one cancel go out for a multipart message, you must follow the instructions in the next paragraph.

If your post is incomplete or  the cancel does not "take", highlight the post and use the "Message | Split Sections" command to split your post into its separate parts.  Select *each* of the sections/parts and cancel each by going to "Post | Cancel Usenet Message."  You will see the same window  you would normally see when posting a message.  Just press "send now".  You do not need to enter any text in the window.

If you are using Forte's Free Agent the method is slightly different.  Select the message that you wish to cancel and cancel it by going to "Message | Cancel Usenet Message."  You should split the message and cancel each part with Free Agent.    You will see the same window  you would normally see when posting a message.  Just press "send now".  You do not need to enter any text in the window.

How to Cancel with Newsrover:Originally from can now cancel a Usenet message that you posted. To do so, locate the message entry in a newsgroup or interest group listing and download the message body. Then right-click on the message entry and select "Cancel message" from the popup menu.Rover Support