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Instant Messengers for File Transfers

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Alternate File Transfer Method Using ICQ Instant Messenger
There are a number of instant messenger clients available that will let you transfer files between computers.  If you are trading with friends then you should investigate using these methods rather than posting the files to Usenet unless the CD you are sharing is one that has not been posted recently or often.  Reposting material that was recently posted so that just one more person can get it is not a very fair or efficient way to use the servers that make up Usenet.

Other instant messaging clients have the same or similar abilities but we will concentrate on ICQ for the purpose of this quick overview simply because it is the one this writer is familiar with.

You will need to go to the ICQ page and download the client, which is free.

You will want to customize a few basic settings and take a few routine security measures but once you and the person you want to trade with are both online with ICQ the rest is very simple and intuitive.

Instructions for transferring files with the full (Pro) version are here:

Instructions for setting up a shared files folder with a friend are here:


If you don't want to receive any messages from anyone you haven't established contact with and want to protect your privacy then as soon as you set up ICQ go to the Security settings and choose options that will give you privacy.

Click Main –> Security & Privacy Permissions.
On the left under Permissions, choose Spam Control.

Select the following options:
Accept Messages only from users on my Contact List.(Checking this option will make ICQ ignore all messages from people who are not on your list.)
Do not accept World Wide Pager Messages
Do not accept EmailExpress Messages

Now when you launch the program it will not have invitations from strangers for a chat, a sexual encounter, sales events or other ICQ specific spam messages waiting for you, nor will you ever see any.

More information about ICQ privacy and anti-spam measures here:

Smaller "Lite" version:
You might want to check out: for older English versions of the "lite" program. The lite program has much of the functionality of the full program without all the bells and whistles which means it uses far fewer system resources. You can still trade files with another user although it doesn't have the shared folder feature.Instructions for transferring files with the lite version are here: Center for lite version is here : specific suggestions and instructions for setting up security and blocking unwanted messages are here: