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Reposting file segments in Agent

(This tip is presented only slightly edited from the Usenet posting by Sir Rebral)

Hey guys, did you know that you can repost individual segments in Agent also? First you have to retrieve the part(s) that people are missing from a server that it propagated to intact, but if you can see a complete copy on your server, you can repost any single part.  I read this text somewhere, and I can't remember where (or I would give them credit for it)  It works. To bad it's complicated - not for the masses - but you experts might wanna try it 🙂


I have seen a number of folks bemoaning the woes of "just one missing part". A part can be reposted by Agent by doing the following:

(note:  you will have to change some settings, so it would be good to bring up Notepad and save anything you have to erase in your Agent settings, or do this in a separate instance of Agent that you will use for just this purpose)

- go to Options on the main menu and choose Posting Preferences
- click the General tab
- delete any "Prefix for Quoted Lines" under Quoting
- "Include original text in..." must be checked
- un-check wordwrap quotedprintable messages
- go to the Introductions tab
- delete any text under "Followup usenet message" (it will probably say "On %date%, %from% wrote:\n" or something similar)
(if you want to restore this text after the repost, simply cut the text out with a Control-X and paste it into Notepad for safekeeping)

- click OK

Thats it for the settings. Split the message into its individual parts.
- Highlight the posted article and choose the Message option from the main
- Choose Split sections at the bottom of the menu (not available as an option by right clicking the message) .

Now you can see the message in its desired part(s).
To repost as single parts:

- retrieve the segment as usual by double-clicking
- choose "Post followup usenet message"
- the part will be visible in the message window as jumbled text

1)  You must scroll down to the end of the message. There is a single carriage return at the end of the message. Remove this by placing cursor on the very last blank line. Backspace once and your cursor will move to end of line above.
2)  In the Message properties window be sure your "maximum bytes per section" is equal to or larger than the original. If you don't do this, the reposted part itself will be split into two parts (still works if you forget but more confusing for the downloader if he/she sees two parts reposted to replace a single missing part)

That's it, the part can now be posted. Note that no other text may be included in the message. Posting the part this way allows the downloader to simply include it with his other parts in "Join Sections" . The header text doesn't matter, as long as it's the right part.

I also recommend using a separate instance of Agent for this if you want to keep your current one "clean".


If you now want to restore your original settings, reverse the procedure above:

- Go to Options on the main menu and select Posting Preferences
- click the General tab
- replace the "prefix for quoted lines" character under Quoting (usually ">")
- check wordwrap quoted-printable messages again
- go to the Introductions tab
- replace the original text under "Followup usenet message" with the text you saved     in Notepad (the phrase "On %date%, %from% wrote:\n" works well if you lost it) - click OK and you have restored your original settings

Sir Rebral