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MP3 FAQ for Outlook Express 5.0

  •  News accounts versus newsgroups
  •  Filters: Views and message rules



For those people who aren't familiar with OE5, it can be quite easy to confuse a newsgroup with a news account.  A newsgroup, of course, is something like alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.  A news account, however, refers to a news server and may contain zero or more subscribed newsgroups.  In the Folders panel, a news account is at the same level as Local Folders.  It's possible to create multiple accounts for the same server, but you cannot have multiple servers on the same account.



OE5 contains 2 types of filters: views and message rules.

Views allow the user to select which messages are displayed. This can be useful when searching the mp3 newsgroups for a specific song or artist. View processing is available under "Views|Current View" from the main menu bar.

Message rules are applied when downloading headers from the news server. They are more versatile than views, and also allow the user to delete messages, move them to other folders, mark them as watched/ignored, etc. While a view can only hide/show various messages, a message rule can actually delete it from the system similar to a killfile. Also, rules may be applied to a specific newsgroup or account. Message rule processing is available under "Tools|Message Rules|News" from the main menu bar.