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How to Request Segments

When Can I Request Segments?
:[Webmaster note: this tip was originally written for absm.books, but works for any MP3 newsgroup]

If you wish to download a book, but one of the parts is 'incomplete',
it is not necessary to ask for the entire part to be reposted,
provided the poster is using Power-Post2000, which many posters now do.Most times, a poster will tell you in there .nfo or info.txt file that
you can request segments. You can also check headers to see what
posting agent they use, for example:

X-Binary-Poster: NNTP Auto-Post 2000 -

will appear near the bottom of the header for someone using this

Wait until 24 hours after the post is made before requesting segments.
This is because posts travel through many servers between the server
they are posted to and your server, and sometimes pieces 'take the
scenic route' and don't show up for awhile. Repull headers (or use
'download all headers in selected group' if you prefer; it is reported
that this method sometimes picks up headers missed by simply getting
new headers). If there are still headers missing, make your request.

IN THE MEANTIME, download what IS available on your server, especially
if your server has a short retention time. This is because it may
take a day or two for your requested segments to show up. Using
Agent, download the segments available on your server and then 'lock'
them in place by highlighting them and then clicking the 'lock' icon
on your toolbar (but do not 'save' them at this point). This will
ensure that when you refresh your headers, these pieces will not be
deleted from your queue as they normally are when no longer available
on your server. In this way, once you get your missing pieces, you
can download them and save the complete file.

How Do I Request Segments?
Post a message to the attention of the poster, or as a reply to the
post itself. In the header, you should use the words 'segments
request'. In the body, please include the Title, Part or Chapter
number, and segment numbers you need, for example:
Header: Attn: John Poster - segments request for Book ABCD
Body: Please repost Book ABCD, Part 2-4, segments 3/10, 4/10Being very specific as to what you need makes it easier for the poster
to accommodate your request, and eliminates the need for messages back
and forth clarifying exactly what you are asking for.
What Do I Do When My Request Is Answered?
Download the new segments and then combine all parts as normal.
Highlight all segments of a part, new and previously 'locked'; right
click on a segment and select 'save all attachments'. Agent will do
the rest.
NOTE: Once your file is complete and the attachment saved, you will
have to 'unlock' the segments you saved in order to be able to delete
them. Simply highlight the segments and hit the 'lock' button again
to unlock them.
Bonus Section: Why Would I Want to Request Segments?
First, requesting only the segments you are missing, rather than the
whole part or chapter saves space on the new servers, because just a
small piece is reposted. The more requests that are handled by
posting segments, the more space saved on the servers. In the long
run, this benefits everyone by decreasing clutter and increasing (or
at least slowing the decrease of) retention time.
Second, you are quite likely to complete your files quicker. Many
posters will not entertain repost requests until a few days after the
entire post is finished, for good reasons. Most, however, will honor
segment requests immediately, provided the software they use will
accommodate this kind of posting.[Many thanks to Galadriel for contributing this excellent tip.]