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Associating Winamp (or another MP3 player) with Agent

When Agent downloads a file it places an Agent icon in the message window.  If you right-click this icon (click on it with the right mouse button), it gives you the option to Launch, Save, or Delete the attachment.  If you want to Launch your favorite MP3 player and have it play, click on Options | General Preferences on the main menu.  Click on the MIME Types tab and you will see something like this (click to see screen shot of pop-up window).Click on the Add MIME type button. Enter application for the Type and octet-stream for the Subtype.  Click OK.  In the Extensions* field enter mp3.  Click browse and associate with the winamp.exe file or a different application executable.  Some applications require that you add a %1 to the path (e.g. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe %1).  If your application launches, but does not play the MP3, this addition should fix this problem.

Agent puts an Agent icon in the "Saved" box, not a Winamp icon.

*You can save yourself some trouble with MP3s that have been uploaded with NewsXpress if you also add the extension mp3_ in the Extensions field (just separate with a space: mp3 mp3_).  This extra underscore character at the end of the filename extension is an irritation that you can avoid if you associate both Agent and Winamp with this addtional extension.